Public Affairs Institute

By bringing together the Corporate Relations professionals of the companies, the Public Affairs Institute was established to; provide information exchange among its members, ensure the professional development of its members through national and international meetings, training, and projects. It also aims to develop and disseminate professional standards by developing different tools and platforms for the development of professionals operating in this field.

Our Objectives & Activities

  • Providing an area to exchange information, experience, and ideas among members
  • Organizing training activities for the development of members
  • Establishing national and international collaborations to ensure the development of professional standards
  • Organizing conferences, symposiums, and seminars on various topics
  • Establishing a documentation center for different disciplines in the field of Corporate Relations and publishing publications for the Institute’s objectives
  • To determine the principles to be abided in the business relations of the members; providing arbitration, mediation, or consultancy services in disputes that may arise between members and stakeholders